Udder Health Systems - Laboratory Services

Dairy Services
• Diagnostic Cow-Pathogen Testing
• Bulk Tank Cultures: Identifies Pathogenic & Environmental Bacteria
• Tank Milk Quality Analysis & Component Testing
• Environmental Testing: Sanitizer, Bedding, Towels & Water
• Idaho Grade A State Certified Milk Testing (Jerome Laboratory)
Laboratory Operating Standards (PDF)
Dairy Services Brochure (PDF)

Molecular Services
Mycoplasma PCR Confirmation and Speciation Page
Prototheca Speciation PCR Page
• Streptococcus agalactiae and Staphylococcus aureus Confirmation (MALDI-TOF)
• Lactococcus lactis and Lactococcus garvieae determinations (MALDI-TOF).

Food Services - Jerome Lab Only
• Analysis of Food and Consumer Products
• Pathogen Screening with Proficiency Verification
• Food Quality Analysis
• Microbial Analysis
• ISO 17025 Certified for select food testing
• A2LA Certificate Number# 3027.01
ISO Certification: Direct Link or Mirror.

Field Services
• Milking Machine Safety Evaluations
• CMT Surveys: Identify High SCC Cows
• Herd Cultures: Screens Herd for Contagious Mastitis Pathogens
• Milker School (Bilingual)


• Customized Udder Health Programs: Dairy-Specific Mastitis Control Programs
• Parlor Management: Safe, Efficient & Consistent Milking Practices
• Hospital Management Consulting
• Laboratory and Dairy Lab Set-Up & Training
• Veterinary Consulting: Animal Health Program
• Veterinary Consulting: Environmental Health Assessment

UHS Mastitis Microbiology School
• Training in standard and advanced bovine mastitis microbiological test methods
• Level 1: Introductory Training
• Level 3: Advanced Training

Sample Admission Forms*
Please Download the Proper Admission form below:

Admission Form Meridian, ID: Meridian Form
Admission Form Jerome, ID: Jerome Form
Admission Form Layton, UT: Layton Form
Admission Form Bellingham, WA: Bellingham Form

*Please contact the lab when you are sending samples for the first time.*


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